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iScout is an international internet game for Roverscouts. Creativity, team spirit and internet are the main ingredients. You can make the iScout Trip around the World is on saturday evening March 7th, 2020 from 18h until 22h GMT.

The iScout Trip around the World brings you to creative Tasks and Challenging Travel Questions. You can join iScout with a team of Roverscout or volunteers in Scouting.

The Netherlands and Abroad

The iScout Trip around the World available in two languages: Dutch and English. Both games are (almost) the same, so there will be only 1 ranking.


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What do you want to pay?

You decide for yourself how much you would like to pay to participate in iScout. We suggest to pay one euro for each teammember.

I want to pay euro to join the iScout Trip around the World.

Badges and nametapes

There are iScout 2020 name tapes and badges. The badges cost 1.95 euro each and have a diameter of 7.5 cm. The Name tapes cost 3 euro for 5 pieces and are 7 cm long and 1.2 cm high. If you order together with you registration, you won't pay 1.80 euro for shipping.

Badges and Nametapes are shipped around around the first week of January.

iScout 2020 Badge

iScout 2020 Nametape


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